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Launch Week!

Bachelor girl Launch week

Welcome to Bachelor Girl! We just launched our company this week and couldn’t be more excited about it! Our goal is to provide a fun community where we support each other in living remarkable lives. One way we will do that is through t-shirts that invite new, interesting connections.

When I think back on some of the nights I’ve spent out with friends, and why some were more fun than others, one thing in particular stands out. The nights when I had the most fun, often involved meeting and connecting with entertaining new people. Whether they were guys or girls, playing off newfound energy and connection, sharing laughs or dancing the night away, meeting new people can add so much to the night.

How did I meet those people? What was the spark or connection that made us start to chat? Nothing stands out as a clear answer, but what Audra and I realized when we wanted to start Bachelor Girl, is that a simple, fun, inviting t-shirt could so easily be that excuse or spark to connect with someone new. Who knows where things will lead but there’s never anything wrong with having a little more fun in your life.

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